Our highly trained and experienced Remedial division are some of the best in the industry.
We provide services in:
Concrete Repair
Concrete like all things has a limited life.

Spalling (commonly known as concrete cancer) can become a large and expensive problem if left untreated.

Our team can take care of this by using the best industry procedures to reinstate the concrete so that it becomes structurally sound once again. In the same process, we can match the existing finish of your substrate.

​You won’t even know it was there!
Carbon Fibre Strengthening
 Carbon fibre is used for strengthening an existing structure due to a change in its use or because of a construction defect.

When bonded to a slab, beam or column it can add significant strength with very little weight.
Crack Injection
Cracks in concrete are generally caused by shrinkage while curing or thermal movement.

Injecting these cracks under pressure using a 2-part epoxy system will not only restore structural integrity to the concrete, it will also seal it to ensure no further moisture can penetrate to the reinforced steel.
High Access
 Fully licensed and experienced operators for Boom lift, Scissor Access, and Swing stage works
Floor Levelling
Concrete Floor levelling and grinding to achieve a flat and level subfloor
Cathodic Protection
Using sacrificial anodes, we can control the corrosion of a metal surface by making it the cathode of an electrochemical cell.